I began my automotive career in the early eighty’s as a mechanic for a small family owned independent garage. After  gaining some hands on experience I was approached by the owner of a new car franchise and went to  work for them as a service advisor. I remained at the same location for the next  25 years and along the way learned all the facets of the parts and service operations of the new car dealership. I  have been an advisor, dispatcher, shop foreman, assistant service manager, service manager, and finally service director.  While there we tried every manner of processing warranty claims imaginable. I began processing the claims while still and advisor and over the years came to realize what an incredible waste to have my front line personnel trying to process these claims. More importantly I realized we weren’t getting all the money we were  due. We  realized we need a professional to take over and began to search for a service that would take over and process our claims. I learned quickly that  not everyone was truly qualified as our receivables grew and our reject rate and write off’s swelled. That’s when I decided to begin processing claims myself. 

       I have processed warranty claims in many different ways over the years for multiple franchises. When I started  we didn’t even have computers yet, all warranty paperwork was hand written and manually submitted. Times have changed and so to has the warranty claims submission process but one thing remains the same; If the claim is not processed correctly and  in a timely manner you won’t get paid. It is my intention to treat your store like my own and get you every dollar I can in a fair and ethical manner.I have maintained all warranty processor certifications and have developed a complete understanding of the warranty process. In addition I have maintained my relationships with my former Rep’s to assist when needed.



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You can count on our experience to administer your warranty claims, allowing your service personnel to focus more on  your service drive and increase retail sales. Our all-inclusive service strengthens your warranty operations from the assignment of labor operation codes to analyzing your warranty receivables schedule. We handle it all for a low, fixed rate with no contracts or start-up fees! You can expect the greatest return on your investment from us.

“We are the most cost effective alternative to administering warranty claims.”

What we do:

  • We will code your warranty claims
  • Adjust pay times for technicians
  • Ensure claims have the proper concern, cause, and corrections
  • Get your claims paid quickly
  • Get you all the money you are entitled to
  • Monitor your warranty schedule
  • Perform these services for a fixed  flat rate fee
  • No contracts to sign just a hand shake is all it takes


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With over 25 years of new car dealership experience I have received many  awards. Here are just a few:

Master Certified Service Advisor- over 10 years

Silver Medallion Award winner- multiple times

Service Advisor Hall of Fame- Boston Region

Master Certified Warranty Claims Administrator- over 15 years

Master Certified Service Manager – over 10 years

Master Certified Commercial Service Manager -  over 10 years

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The advantages to outsourcing your warranty claims processing are numerous:

  1. It reduces your overhead and frees up essential dealership staff to increase sales and productivity.
  2. Claims are processed quickly and correctly the first time reducing your receivables.
  3. Claims are usually submitted and paid in the same day increasing cash flow potential.
  4. Allows your staff to concentrate on what they do best, take care of your customers more effectively

No matter what reasons is - Crisp Claims Processing will save your dealership time, money and bring greater accuracy to the warranty claims process.

A recent article by Byron Acohido in the USA TODAY’s money section sums it all up:

” Identifying necessary……tasks — and turning them over to a specialist firm — can free up capital and manpower. Then precious resources can be redirected to tasks directly related to growth, such as customer relations, production and sales.”

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